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Sul nostro sito puoi trovare una ampia gamma di striscie led, ideali sia per interni che esterni e sia per uso commerciale che domestico. Questi prodotti sono particolarmente adatti all'arredamento della casa e rappresentano un'ottima soluzione per dare un tocco in piu agli spazi in cui viviamo e ricreare ambientazioni ad effetto. Le strisce LED possono avere diverse aree di applicazione e possono essere installate in tutti i complementi di arredi compresi armadi, pareti, mobili per la cucina, scaffali, scalini ecc.

La lista delle possibile applicazioni delle strisce LED e infinita! È tempo di scatenare la tua creativita le nostre strisce LED autoadesive, moderne e multicolore. È disponibile anche un’ampia gamma di accessori per striscie LED tra cui telecomandi, trasformatori ed adattatori nella sezione Accessori per Strisce a LED.

Contatta il Servizio Clienti di LightRabbit® per avere piu informazioni sui nostri prodotti e sul loro corretto utilizzo. 

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If you haven’t seen an LED strip light for a couple of years – you probably won’t recognise them. Simple strings of LEDs have now been replaced by clever tape or ribbon lights on flexible circuit boards. These lights provide maximum brightness in the smallest package. Our LED strip lights are easy to fit (most have a self-adhesive backing), are extremely portable and come in a huge range of colours. Try them inside cabinets or cupboards - they’re the ultimate in versatile LED lighting!

We offer a wide range of LED tape lights, which can have a multitude of uses – from under roof soffits, to illuminating garden pathways and signs or even as part of a light-up costume or wearable accessory.

Efficient LED Strip Lights

Some of the LED strip lights that we have in stock are even compatible with a special remote controller, which his designed for controlling LED colour changing strip lights. These efficient LED strip lights not only allow you to have high control over your LED strip lights, they ensure that you get the best possible lighting experience, allowing you to set multiple settings such as flash, strobe, fade and smooth, in almost 20 different colours.

LED strip lights use up to 90% less energy than a standard halogen bulb, and can also last for up to 30 years, giving you the ultimate lighting for a long time to come. With LED strip lights, you can also transform your space with a vibrant lighting system. LED strip lights, are quick and easy to apply to a range of surfaces, and can also be cut to smaller sizes or joined to additional lengths of LED strip lights, creating the most versatile form of lighting. Whether you want lighting in or under your cupboard and cabinets, door frames, shelf lightings, or edge lighting, LED strip lights can give you an endless creative list, while providing a waterproof lighting solution suitable for every room.

To help you to save money on your bills, while having an efficient and powerful lighting source in every room and even outside, anywhere you want it, look to LED strip lights. With these, you can unleash your colour creativity, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere, for more information and ideas, check out our How to Page

LED Strip Lights At LightRabbit

At LightRabbit® we’re proud to carry one of the largest selections of LED strip lights, LED tape lights and LED ribbon lights in the UK. Whether you’re simply looking for a reel of white LED strip lights or a full ribbon of multi-coloured LED tape lights with a 44-key remote controller, we’re here to help. These high quality, low energy LED ribbon lights aren’t just adjustable for colour, they’re also fully dimmable too. Whatever you need from your LED ribbon lights, we have the highly versatile products for you at the lowest prices today.

If you would like more information on any of the LED strip lights, drivers, transformer, controllers, dimmers or connectors found below, simply contact the LightRabbit® customer support team. We will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase today.

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