Faretti a LED MR11 / GU4 - 12v

Faretti a LED MR11/ GU4 su LightRabbit®

Progettati utilizzando la piu recente tecnologia nell'ambito dell'illuminazione a LED, i faretti MR11 / GU4 necessitano di una frazione di energia per eccendersi e durano 50 volte in piu rispetto ai classici faretti alogeni. I faretti a LED hanno la stessa misura e attacco e per questo motivo possono essere sostituiti ai vecchi ed inefficienti faretti alogeni senza alcun intervento elettrico.

Non sei sicuro quale faretto scegliere? Contatta il nostro Servizio Clienti e avrai a disposizione un personale qualificato che potra aiutarti nella scelta del prodotto di cui hai bisogno.

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Eco-Friendly MR11 Dimmable Bulbs

MR11 LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy required to power standard bulbs and last up to 50 times longer than standard halogen light bulbs. They are the same size as traditional halogen MR11 bulbs, and offer a direct replacement that’s energy saving and longer lasting.

Over the last few decades LED lighting has come a long way. Now modern MR11 LED bulbs can reduce energy consumption by up to 90 per cent as well as delivering 35,000 hours of maintenance free use. Here at LightRabbit®, our lighting not only reduces your household or office’s carbon footprint but can significantly cut costs for you as well.

At LightRabbit® we take pride in how environmentally friendly our products are, and if you are looking to go green in your home or your office then we are here to help, with our MR11 LED dimmable bulbs. The bulbs we supply are available in a warm white or cool white, which are best suited for creating feature lighting within your living space. When it comes to upgrading your lighting it is easy with LightRabbit® as all of our energy saving MR11 LED bulbs are specifically designed to fit into your already existing light fixtures, enabling you to start making saving from the day your new MR11 LED dimmable light bulbs arrive.

We are proud to announce we are the UK & Ireland’s leading supplier of replacement LED lighting, providing everything you need to make a greener and more cost effective switch. Whatever specific LED light bulb you are looking for here at LightRabbit® we are confident we have what you want and at the most competitive prices too.

What are MR11 LED Dimmable Light Bulbs?

LED lightbulbs have changed rather rapidly over the past years and although the name MR11 dimmable bulb has still stayed the same the way they function internally is now different. MR11 LED bulbs have a multifaceted reflector inside them that is designed to pull light in from the LED chips and control the way the light is emitted.  Now in many M11 LED bulbs they are fitted with a smooth reflector inside. When it comes to changing your LED bulbs, the transition is not only cost effective and eco-friendly but can be done with complete ease.

At LightRabbit® we care a great amount about the environment and we are keen to reduce the nation’s lighting energy home by home with our LED bulbs. As well as doing our bit to be eco-friendly, we also like to take care of our customers, which is why we offer the most competitive prices on all of our products.

We have guarantees on all of our products to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their lightings performance and quality. We know that our selection of LED bulbs can be rather overwhelming which is why we have a dedicated customer support system to assist you when it comes to making your decision on our lighting. If you place your LED lighting order before 3pm, we provide same day dispatch.

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