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Scegli le tue lampadine a LED G4 su LightRabbit®

Light Rabbit è specializzato nella vendita di lampadine a LED di qualità. Le lampadine a LED G4 sono tra le piu popolari grazie alla loro versatilità, sia in ambito domestico che commerciale. Tutte le lampadine G4 possono essere direttamente sostituite alle tue vecchie lampadine alogene G4, ma è possibile che tu debba cambiare il trasformatore con uno che sia compatibile con le lampadine a LED. Le lampadine a LED G4 consumano molta meno energia elettrica rispetto alle equivalenti ad incandescenza, comportando perciò un risparmio sulla tua bolletta.

Se non sei sicuro di quale lampadina G4 scegliere contatta il servizio clienti e il nostro team specializzato ti guiderà nella tua scelta. 

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Choose LED G4 Bulbs & G4 LED Lamps from LightRabbit®

G4 LED bulbs and lamps are some of our best sellers, and their popularity is largely down to their versatility. All our G4 LEDs are a direct replacement for halogen G4s, although some customers may need to change transformers to one that is LED lamp compatible. Replacing existing bulbs with G4 LED bulbs ensures better lighting and much smaller lighting bills!

Here at LightRabbit we specialise in the sale of top quality LED lamps, including our popular range of G4 LED bulbs. G4 LED bulbs are extremely versatile, making them a hit with both domestic and commercial customers. We’re sure you’ll be impressed by the wide range we have in our store, and we commit ourselves to providing LED bulbs at the most competitive prices. Take a look at our selection today to find the perfect G4 LED bulbs for your requirements.

These bulbs are direct replacements for your halogen G4s, but keep in mind that you may need to change your transformer to one that is compatible with LED lamps. If you ever need assistance with anything like this then you can always get in touch with the friendly team here at LightRabbit, and we will help to point you in the right direction. With these items you can also enjoy peace of mind that they’re using up a lot less power than their incandescent equivalents, and they will last you even longer as they help you save on your energy bills.

Benefits from a G4 LED dimmable bulb

Our great range of G4 bulbs includes the 2.4 Watt G4 High Power LED Disc, which features 12 individual high-powered 5050 SMD LEDs to produce superb lighting with reduced energy consumption. This bulb lasts up to 20 times longer than halogen, so you can expect to get over 50,000 hours of life.  Elsewhere we stock the 27x SMD 5050, which has a massive 360 degree beam angle and is perfect for replacing your existing halogens. This product is ideal for desk lighting and accent lighting, and is often used in desk lamps and under-cabinet lighting.

Our varied selection of G4 LED bulbs means you can always find exactly what you need right here at Light Rabbit, and we also pride ourselves on friendly customer service. Whenever you need a hand you can get in touch and our experts will tell you exactly what you need to know. Remember, we stand by the quality of our products and we guarantee to replace or refund any LightRabbit lighting product that you aren’t 100% satisfied with. Make your LED purchase today in total confidence.

With G4 LED dimmable bulbs from LightRabbit you are getting great quality items, with long lasting life and you will be picking them up at the lowest prices. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer you can benefit from the advantages of G4 LED dimmable bulbs, so take a look through our store today and make your purchase. If you would like to know more about these bulbs or any of the other items in our store then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team for all the details you need.

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